Cremation Burial at Sea

We live in the Sunshine State and many of us are attracted here because of the water.  Most people believe that they may have a simple cremation and take the scattering urn to the water's edge, or off a pier is an acceptable method of scattering the cremated remains.  This idea, which seems to be good is illegal ( ).   At Grasso Funeral Memorial and Cremation we have developed two very good, and very affordable options to our families:

1).  Burial at Sea aboard a large yacht is probably something that most people think would not be affordable.  Our burial-at-sea package includes our basic cremation process and the use of a local charter yacht.  The ship leaves from Treasure Island into the Gulf of Mexico through John's Pass and out into the waters just beyond the three mile limit required by federal law, and returns within three hours.  Up to ten passengers can then participate in gathering or memorial tribute as the cremated remains (ashes) are placed into the waters of the Gulf.  On the return trip light refreshments and food are provided to make this a very memorable day.  The longitude and latitude are also provided.  The total cost of this service is:  $1775.00.  This is less than some funeral service providers charge for cremation alone.

2).  In an unattended scattering in the Gulf of Mexico we take the scattering urn into the Gulf of Mexico on a small water craft beyond the three mile limit and place the cremated remains (ashes) into the water.  The total cost of this service is $1175.00