Green Burial/Natural Funerals

Natural Funerals

A client family may choose a Natural Burial, or “Green Burial.”  Grasso Funeral Memorial and Cremation offers a variety of options that can serve to lower the ecological impact of the funeral arrangements as well as the financial impact for a family.  For example:

·         In the Natural Burial we do not use any current preservation methods(chemicals), relying on refrigeration or dry ice to hold the body until the time of the service.  In doing so we meet or exceed the current standards and practices suggested by the Green Burial Council and other green, natural or holistic burial sites.   (To see a video which explains how "Green Burial" works click here.. use your back button to return to this site)

·         The container which holds the body for the burial can be a shroud made of cotton or a wicker material, all of which are fully biodegradable. We will also allow our families to provide their own container, but they may not be made with metal hinges, handles, or latches and must be constructed with all natural interiors and exterior materials. Since this is designed for the client family committed to protecting the environment, we will not allow the use of any glues, paints, or finishes. It is our desire to protect the environment as well and we will provide guidance in casket/container construction.It is our policy to inspect the casket/container before use for compliance with standard Green Burial Practices. 


·         Since we believe in simplifying the actions in a Natural Burial, we have done the same thing in designing our service offerings.  As with all of our funeral service packages, we provide a detailed Statement of Goods and Services based on our General Price Sheet.  Since the majority of cemeteries in Florida do not allow green burial we have investigated the Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery in Gainesville and have identified this conservation cemetery in our funeral service packages as our destination point. The cost of the cemetery space at Prairie Creek is $2000 and includes the opening and closing of the grave. 

·         Our Natural Burial Funeral package price is $1875 for the basic shroud (include the cemetery fees and this complete package is $3875).  The Shroud is included.

·         If the family chooses to use the wicker Casket ($1100) then this would bring the cost to $2375.  Include the cemetery fee and the total cost would be $4375.  

All of our Natural Funeral package prices include our basic service charge, services of the Funeral Director,and staff; transportation from the place of death to our facility( within 15 miles); body preparation suitable for a green funeral service which includes refrigeration, bathing of the body and use of topical sprays for basic disinfection, clothing or placing in a shroud or casket.  Also included is the transportation to the cemetery (currently Gainesville, FL).  The cost of the cemetery is shown above to allow the family to see the total price.  Grasso Funeral Memorial and Cremation has no control over cemetery costs and those prices are subject to change at any time.  It is possible to have brief visitations and services prior to traveling to the cemetery.  Additional charges would apply for the use of the funeral home, or additional transportation to churches, homes, etc.. Any additional costs are based on current fees and charges found on the General Price Sheet.  It is the policy of Grasso Funeral Memorial and Cremation to show all costs and fees prior to completing funeral arrangements, and to stay in compliance with all Federal and State Laws, and to fit into the current practice guidelines of Green Burial Standards.