Special Veteran's Cremation Packages

At Grasso Funeral Memorial and Cremation we are second to none in recognizing the contributions our veterans have made to the freedoms we enjoy in our country.  As patriotic citizens of this country we realize we could never match their time and sacrifices, but we would like to gratefully offer a Hero's Urn at no charge for all Veterans of the United States Armed Forces with selection of the following cremation packages just to simply say, "Thank you" for a job well done..

Basic Cremation:  Non-ceremonial direct cremation        $875.00

Cremation arrangements with Burial of the Urn including full ceremony and Military Honors at Bay Pines National Cemetery:    $1175.00

Cremation arrangements with Burial of the Urn including full ceremony and Military Honors at Florida National Cemetery (Bushnell) or Sarasota National Cemetery:  $1375.00

There are other options available to our families which include the use of our ceremonial casket for visitation and services prior to the cremation.  The services are typically held in a church or our family gathering room, the cremation takes place, and then arrangements are made for burial at Bay Pines, Florida National, or Sarasota National Cemetery at a later date with military honors.  

Cremation arrangements which include the use of the Ceremonial casket, visitation* and local services, and followed by urn burial at Bay Pines with Military Honors...$2075.00..  Florida National or Sarasota National Cemetery would be $2275.00

These charges include the transfer from the place of death (within 25 miles); all funeral home professional fees; filing of necessary documents for funeral and military services; alternative container for cremation; cremation processes. medical examiner's fee; two (2) certified copies of the death certificate (additional may be ordered).  Transfer of the urn to the selected cemetery; current stipend for veterans military organization honor guard; memorial folders, register book.  
* Embalming is included for visitation as required by law only.  

It is the policy of the Grasso Funeral Memorial and Cremation to provide a General Price Sheet before any arrangements.  A Statement of Goods and Services will be provided during the arrangement conference which shows an itemized list of all charges and fees.  Furthermore, it is our policy that no client family will ever be charged for services or products they do not need or choose and those will be in writing.